According to statisticians, approximately 31.9 million American households own a backyard garden. There are excellent reasons why Sugar Land, Sienna, and Riverstone, Texas area residents and millions of other Americans are spending time digging in their backyards and creating beauty through landscaping their own homes with vegetable and flower gardens. Here are some great reasons why you should take up this joyful activity.

Getting Sunshine

Vitamin D is welcome. Without it, you are more at risk for disease than you might imagine. For instance, low amounts put you in greater danger of contracting Type 2 diabetes. Vitamin D also strengthens bones and immune systems. It helps lower your odds of multiple sclerosis and various types of cancer. Certain skin condition flare-ups are less likely to occur with exposure to sunlight; people with psoriasis know this well. Soak up some rays while getting in touch with God’s creation, and know you are receiving these health advantages. Just be sure to apply sunscreen, and stay hydrated.

Improving Minds

Science has established a link between exercise and mental health. It might not offer an intense workout, but gardening still requires movement that gets the blood pumping. Some speculate that the act of gardening alone might be enough to stimulate cognitive functioning. Tending to plants and flowers may even reduce the side effects of debilitating conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Enhancing Mood

Successfully sprouting a garden is bound to boost your self-esteem, helping to stave off depression and reduce anxiety. If you’re feeling despondent over the state of the world, getting outside can soothe your soul. Maybe you have struggled with alcoholism or another form of addiction. Recovery centers use gardening as a tool to help patients walk a sober path. You can do the same.

Eating Better

There is little more satisfying than eating what you grow. Grabbing a pear, strawberry, or apricot from your backyard is a wonderful joy!  Todd is a horticulturist from Texas A & M and is happy to help you design a fruit orchard for your Sugar Land backyard.  Besides enjoying the literal fruits of your labor, you’ll be dining on the healthy side. Since you cannot sprout candy bars or bags of chips, having a garden is bound to improve your nutritional habits. Plus, you’ll be avoiding pesticides that come with grocery store produce.

Saving Money

The less you buy at the supermarket, the more you’ll save. The cost of food is constantly rising. Stop giving behemoth chains your hard-earned dollars. With extra cash in your pocket, you’ll be able to spring for hearty perennials and fun, beautiful flowers. Plant these beauties out front for increased curb appeal. Believe it or not, attractive landscaping can increase the resale value of your Sugar Land, Texas home.

Veggie Gardens

Strengthening Family

Are you spending less time with your family or children than you would like? Planting a garden is a perfect excuse to interact with loved ones. Kids crave time with their parents, especially if it means getting dirty. What about creating a kids’ garden where they can create, plant, learn and play?  Let them have a plot of land they can call their own and tend to. Allow them to decide what to plant in that area, giving them a sense of ownership. Use this opportunity to teach little ones about nature and the value of sustainability. Before bed, read them books about gardening to reinforce these lessons.

There are a host of mental and physical benefits that gardening offers.

Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Planters

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