We were contacted by Redfin earlier this month to share our opinion about the most common mistake homeowners make in DIY landscaping.

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what is the most common mistake homeowners make in landscaping?







Here’s the REDFIN article!! 

Installing plants with improper spacing

The proper spacing of a plant when it’s first installed makes all the difference once the plant grows in. Improper plant spacing is the most common DIY fail I see. Plants and shrubs are supposed to be placed on three-foot centers with few exceptions. Many times shrubs are initially planted about 12 inches apart. This looks nice and full when it’s initially installed in the landscaping, but within a year, it creates a messy, unkempt look. – Garden Guy

Golden Retreiver in Azalea Flowers with Truck

Dante, the gentle golden retriever, posed for me in the azalea flowers that had fallen behind our diesel dually work truck, on landscaping day.