Dogs killing your grass and ruining your backyard lawn? Furbaby need an outdoor area to RUN!!! Need a dog-friendly landscaping idea for a pet run? Looking for a dog run material that won’t break the bank and is eco-friendly too? 

pet safe landscaping

relaxing with mom in the grass

Todd Farber, Texas horticulturist, and MY sexy man-with-the-best beard, shares with you the BEST flooring material for dog runs.

Texas Horticulturist Garden guy + Gal

HI! Texas Horticulturist Garden Guy + Gal

 “The solution is to design landscaping for the pet and then design landscaping for the client. When it comes to pet run design, we look at where the pet is running right now.   If we can find a common area, we turn that area into an exclusive pet run.” 

 THE ONE THING PINTEREST WON’T TELL YOU!!! The BEST flooring material for a dog runs is…..MULCH!!

Todd recommends using pet safe MULCH for the dog run.

happy dog in his pet safe landscaping

Happy dog in his pet safe backyard

  BAM!! YOU just scored a FREE Dog-friendly landscaping idea!!!! 

“Pets don’t like walking on outdoor dog areas made of pea gravel, concrete or river rocks.  This is my real experience with thousands of backyard landscaping clients of what really works!” 

MULCH mistakes to avoid:  “We use shredded hardwood mulch with no dyes.  I stay away from red mulch and black mulch. They contain dyes and petroleum products that are not safe for pets or the environment.”

So now you know!! The BEST flooring material for a dog run is …..MULCH!!

What other backyard landscaping ideas for pets would you like answers to?  Comment below!! 


Ready to play and run in his pet safe landscaping!!

Wanna play with me??

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