Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?


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Does landscaping have any impact on the value of your home? The clear answer is yes. All of the outdoor areas of your home, especially the front yard, contribute to what is known as your home’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is what anyone approaching your home from the street would see. Curb appeal is your best chance to make a decent first impression. That first impression matters since most people will never see what your home looks like on the inside.

Given that most of the area between the street and your house consists of the lawn, flower beds, trees, shrubs, and hedge, these features contribute significantly to whether visitors and potential buyers are impressed with your home or not. Your home’s landscaping does affect its value, but the effect is not always positive. The amount of significance you get from the landscaping is directly proportional to how much effort you put into planning the landscaping design.

Well-planned landscaping will improve the home’s value in a way that no other home improvement can. That is because, while other home improvement projects lose their value as they get older, the landscaping around your home becomes more valuable with time, explains Limestone Country Properties. The presence of mature trees in the yard makes the home more valuable. When you plan the landscaping with the needs of the home’s occupants in mind, you will also make the home more valuable.

How should you plan your home’s landscaping?


Five landscaping strategies to improve your home’s value

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If you want the landscaping to improve your home’s value and still let you recoup your costs when you sell the home, you have to keep things simple. A landscaping project that focuses on new sod, clean bushes, and fresh mulch is going to make your home look more inviting to buyers. With such a project, you can increase the home’s value enough to cover whatever you spent to improve the outdoor areas.

On the other hand, you may choose to invest thousands of dollars to buy expensive palm trees and costly lighting. The project, although it will also make your home very inviting and increase its market value, may not bring in enough money to cover the cost of the upgrades. When doing landscaping projects, you want a balance between project cost, projected ROI, and the cost of maintaining the landscaping.

The key to increased home value via landscaping improvements is creative and thoughtful landscaping design. Decent landscape design is not just landscaping that is beautiful. Instead, it is a perfect match for the home because it is proper for the location and highlights the best home qualities. Here are ways to approach landscaping to boost your home’s value and still get a positive ROI when you sell the property.

Begin with the entrance

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How does your landscaping look?


The approach to your home is the focal point for all kinds of visitors, including potential buyers. The entrance is often the most powerful area for creating appeal and drawing people’s interest. You don’t want to clutter your entranceway with plants. Overgrown bushes or dead plants make a terrible impression; they indicate that you don’t care about the home.

Landscaping should complement the architecture


The landscaping should be an extension of your home’s architecture; aim for coherence between the style of your home and the landscaping design. One of the most affordable ways to do this is to use colored rocks (no more than three colors), decomposed granite, clay bricks, and poured-in-place concrete pavers to create geometric patterns and walkways around the yard.

Large stones and ground cover crops

Ground cover crops do two things; they reduce the amount of lawn grass you need to plant and add color to the yard. Ground cover crops interspersed with large stones are economical ways to make a vast outdoor space look expensive and fascinating. Be sure to use the proper ground cover crops; the height and growth rate of the crops are essential.

Use curved lines

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Curved lines create more interest than straight lines. They encourage people to ponder, and you can wind pathways in a way that guides walkers to various points of interest in the yard, such as


a rock garden. Curved lines create curiosity because it is impossible to see where they lead, so people are more likely to venture down. Curved lines are great for creating engagement with your outdoor space.

Pay attention to outdoor living spaces

A functional backyard where people can spend time outside, out of the sight of pesky neighbors and nosey pedestrians, is an incredible addition to the home. The presence of a simple but functional and attractive patio or deck can make all the difference. But if you want to get the most out of the backyard, think of adding pavers, a shaded sitting area, a fire pit, outdoor entertainment, and a summer kitchen.

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