Monday, December 19th Todd and I took some time to go and meet a local landscaping mulch and stone supplier, Sienna Mulch.  

We enjoyed meeting owner and operator, Ashley Magliaro.  She took us on a tour of their Sienna, Texas soil, mulch and rock yard.   

Ashley says,  ‘We originally started out as a green waste recycling center and gradually turned into a mulch manufacturer.”  

From there Sienna Mulch continued to expand and now carries fertilizers, bulk rock, gardening supplies for veggie gardens, and much more.  Garden Guy and I were super impressed! 

Sienna Mulch also has Gardenline’s Randy Lemmon-endorsed Rose Soil. 

“You know what’s cool about Sienna Mulch? They have several different varieties of Rose Soil.  They have bulk, but they have at least 3-4 other manufacturers of the area’s best Rose Soil in bags.  That’s just not the case at very many other bulk mulch/soil yards, “ quipped Lemmon via Facebook.  

Gallery of picture of just a few of Sienna Mulch Products and their owners

Ashley loved telling us about how they create their very own mixed soil & top soils too. 

“I have made Sienna Mulch a one-stop garden and landscaping supply shop for homeowners and contractors alike. Landscapers can come in and dump their green waste, then come to the front to buy their mulch, soil, compost, gravel, and stone.

Here are some more pics for you to enjoy

“Homeowners can find MicroLife fertilizer, red mulch, and gravel for the DIY landscapers in Fort Bend County and Sienna, Texas,” remarked Ashley. Sienna Mulch can be found On FM 521 just minutes from Hwy 6 and 288.  Sienna Mulch Site

Our Instagram video is below for your enjoyment!

We love supporting local ! XO, Sabrina & Todd

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