Did you know that mulch insulates your plants against cold? 

Mulch looks beautiful in the landscaping and in our Houston heat, it keeps moisture in the ground longer thereby keeping your plants moist and healthy at the same time.

Many people here understand the benefits of mulch in our hot Houston summers. A lesser-known fact for our area is that mulch insulates against cold weather. 

During our capricious winter months in Sugar Land and Houston, mulch acts as an insulator for plants. With the wide range of temperature swings that plants and landscaping are subjected to in Texas, it’s important to have mulch to protect your plants in all seasons.

“It takes about 5 hours of temperatures at or below 28 degrees to cause vascular damage to plants,” advises Todd Farber, Horticulturist from Houston Landscaping Company, Garden Guy.  Mulch, therefore, acts as an insulator for plants.

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Did you know that mulch insulates your plants against the cold?  Well, now you do! Some Great, advise from Houston’s Garden Guru, Garden Guy. 

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