Birdbaths for your Garden

Birdbaths are important for your backyard garden.  Find out why…


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Birds love a cool place to rinse off and isn’t it fun to watch them splash around?

Birds Love Bathing in beautiful backyards and birdbaths

When birds bathe in a birdbath in your backyard, they are able to drink fresh water and preen.


What a beauty!! Handmade in the USA, too.


Find this beautiful handcrafted and hand-painted 2-piece birdbath with a turquoise glaze here from BIRDSCHOICE.COM.

This bath features a lock-on top and a glazed interior and exterior and is made in the USA.


Bird Conversation!

“This is my birdbath, move over!” 🙂

 Keep your birdbath in a shady place in your backyard, if possible.  This keeps the water cooler and slows evaporation too.

Cute Bird Bathing in backyard bird bath

“I’m about to take a cool dip!”


Fresh water in your backyard birdbath cools your feathered-friends bodies’ from the inside out.

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Birds also bathe to remove dust, parasites, and debris from their beautiful plumage.

We hope you enjoyed this informative article about birdbaths!


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