Quick Guide to Shade-Loving Landscaping Plants

Planting your gardens is easier when you know what works.  Save time and money with this quick guide to shade-loving plants from a Texas Horticulturist.
Shade loving plants


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Ajuga is a perennial groundcover. They quickly form a dense carpet-like mat in the areas of shade where nothing will grow.  Not only do they love the shade, but they also produce a dainty, blue flower for you to admire.

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Coleus loves the shade and brings you some amazing colors too!  According to The Spruce, “Coleus, which were made popular as Victorian-era bedding plants, have made a huge comeback thanks to the all-season color and the lovely foliage it offers, whether it’s planted in full sun or shade…”

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The Giant Liriope has lush, dark green foliage and is excellent for shaded areas. Small white flowers among the foliage are followed by violet-blue fruit. This is an evergreen perennial that is also low-maintenance.

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Ferns grow beautifully in the shade and there are so many lovely varieties to choose from.  For USDA Hardiness Zone 9 a, Todd loves the lace fern, holly fern, and autumn fern.  The Spruce has a lovely read on Autumn Fern.

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Hosta is the next beauty that loves the shade.  There are so many varieties!! To see many of them, try this link from The Spruce.

Knowing the BEST Shade-Loving Landscaping plants makes planting your gardens easier. Having this quick guide to shade-loving plants will save time and money for you when installing your home landscaping.  

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Todd has used these shade-loving plants for the past 30 years to make his clients happy and to make Garden Guy the most successful local, family-owned landscaping company in Sugar Land, Texas, and winner of Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite 2021







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