Is your dog always eating plants in the yard?   In my series here on pet safe landscaping, telling you about toxic plants in yards is, obviously, very important.  I spoke with my sexy-bearded-horticulturalist-husband, Todd about this and you might be surprised what he told me about the most common toxic plants and more importantly THE MOST DEADLY plant for dogs. 

cute puppy in garden

cute puppy – american cocker spaniel puppy sitting outside – 8 weeks old

 “After almost 30 years in the landscaping business, I have seen thousands of yards.  There are literally hundreds of toxic plants for dogs and toxic plants for animals but there are really only a handful that I actually see in folks yards and one in particular that comes up over and over,” says Todd.   

Have you tried researching online for toxic plants?  Good gravy, you may need to brush up on your Latin

No fear, loving pet-owner, I know someone who not only knows all the Latin plant names,  but better than that he speaks FLUENT TEXAN and can tell you in plain-speak which plants in your yard are toxic for dogs and cats. The most common toxic plants Todd actually sees in landscaping Sugar Land, landscaping in Missouri City and landscaping in Houston are:

aloe vera







Caladiums or Elephant Ears

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AND…. Saving the worst for LAST —  

  “If you’d like to know the plant I most commonly SEE and most commonly remove or DO NOT plant its the SAGO PALM, ” warned Todd.  

Sago Palm


“The entire plant, including seeds, root ball, and leaves are extremely toxic,” said Dr. Keene of Keene Veterinary Hospital in Tampa. 

“In fact, roughly 75 percent of animals who ingest this plant suffer liver failure and do not make it, even when treated with aggressive veterinary care. What makes the situation even worse is that the seeds are very tasty to dogs,” added Dr. Keene.  ( Want to know more about this deadly plant?  Check out this frightening story from Dog Tripper: SAGO DEADLY )

sago palm

Sago Palm needles and its seeds are DEADLY to pets

So there you go! The last entry in my pet safe landscaping tips and probably the most important one too! The most common toxic plants are the ones you must keep your pet safe from.

To wrap this up: 

1. Is your dog a plant eater? While plant based breakfasts are trendy and healthy for people, it is obviously not so for our sweet pets.

2. Look around in your backyard landscaping for the most common toxic plants.  (Need help identifying a plant?? Comment below send me a picture and I will ask the Garden Guy for ya!!) 

3. Remove all toxic plants and get a plan for new backyard landscaping for you and landscaping for your pet too.

Drop us a comment below and I will get back to you.

our girl Cheyenne!

This is me and our Beagle Cheyenne, in the kitchen 🙂  SHE L-O-V-E-S FOOD!!

Thanks for reading,

Sabrina, Garden Gal