It’s that time of year when none of us are sure what day it or what we should be doing.  😕  Christmas is over and New Years Eve isn’t here…not yet!!  Should you set goals for 2020? Is it time to re-commit to eating right and working out?? (Hurry and eat ALL THE COOKIES and CHRISTMAS candy before next week!!!)    Is it time to do the 10-day green juice cleanse??  Maybe you should join a new gym.. become a boxer…

garden guy

Plan that 2020!!


Here’s a fun idea in our area:  The Sugar Refinery New Years Eve Black & White Party

New Years Eve Sugar Land T

The Sugar Refinery cordially invites you to dress to impress and enjoy a fun filled evening as you dance the night away at the 2020 New Years Eve BLACK & WHITE PARTY

Nice!! But until NYE comes next week here you are.   This is the lingering and suspense time where we can relax, recharge and get ready for a new year and fresh goals or where we waste time doing nothing but surfing on our phone.  I get that! I’m guilty too. 👍😊

When we plan for our new year there’s always the weight loss goals (here comes Marie Osmond and Nutri System!!) specials for gym memberships and promises from home workout equipment that you will be toned, tan and 20 years younger  🙌😕😂.  If you’re not ready to commit to weight loss what about committing  to a home improvement project?!?!  Hey, this something you can actually achieve!! Backyard dreams for 2020 can come into focus this week for you.

Maybe your plans for the new year also include other types of home improvement, I get that too.  I love renovating or making improvements to our home.  We plan on adding new insulation to our 25 year+ old home this year.  We are hoping the investment will help us keep our energy costs down this hot Texas summer.

backyard pathway

Backyard pathway with lush green surroundings

What are you thinking about this week for your home in 2020?  Backyard dreams for 2020 come into focus this week for you. What are you thinking of doing to improve your home this year? Creating a space to play for your dogs ?

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What’s the plan for 2020?? 


Reclaiming that area that’s full of weeds? Finally creating an oasis you can LOVE!!!??

horticulturist garden guy

Love your yard in 2020 !


Would you comment below what you would do this year for your yard and gardens and your home too?? I like to hear your ideas and goals.

XOXO, Sabrina