When Todd worked this past week with our Houston landscaping client about her side yard landscape, she wanted to have a new, fresh look PLUS ECO-FRIENDLY landscaping .  Combining bright colors with traditional landscaping AND adding in the Galvanized Steel Raised Garden she wanted, was a challenge.

Looking at using galvanized steel raised garden planters

Making raised beds  from galvanized steel that will not warp, crack or rot and can be recycled at the end of their life, are all strong advantages to using these containers.
The days of using only  terracotta or clay pots, are g

Side Yard Landscaping with galvanized steel planters


one!  These new, sleek and modern landscaping containers are truly functional AND Eco friendly. It also doesn’t hurt that they are trending in landscaping and outdoor use.  Creating landscapes with galvanized steel planters allows Todd to accommodate beds with low or high sidewalls for different types of plants.     These bright silver containers  provide single-sided access and are ideal for placement against a wall or can be used to form a privacy wall or border.

Side Yard Landscaping Ideas
Side yard landscaping can be very challenging.  You want to make use of the side yard landscape somehow, but you also want it to be gorgeous!!  Using these galvanized steel planters is gives you  2-sided access without needing to step in the bed.  These containers keep the soil loose and eliminating the need to till the soil each year. Want  amazing  added productivity, accessibility and convenience in your side yard landscape???  Landscaping with these containers equals growing MORE  with LESS  soil and space. The landscape design possibilities are limitless.
Looking for ease in access and a sleek landscaping look??
Raised bed gardening provides proper soil drainage and retains warmth for strong root development, improved plant health and yield. Looking for a DIY LANDSCAPING tip?? These galvanized steel raised planters are are simple to assemble!!!   Todd put them together by himself in less than an hour.
More Features

  • Narrow beds can be placed against a wall and are ideal for larger plants such as tomatoes, peppers or blueberries
  • Classic appearance and durability of galvanized metal for long-lasting beauty and utility
  • More stable than wood, plastic or ceramic alternatives and will not warp, split, rot or crack
  • Exposed edges are folded for safety
  • Modular system available with high and low side-walls in several sizes making it easy to “grow” your garden


Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Planters

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Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

Garden Guy’s pretty and sleek side yard solution

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