Plant Of the Week: Buddleia (bud-lee-a)

Butterfly Bush Buddleia

Attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your back door

Want to bring butterflies and hummingbirds right to your Sugar Land back door?   Perfect for Sugar Land and the Missouri City area, the honey-sweet and richly colorful Buddleia will bring the nectar-lovers to you!   

Expect the dazzling blossoms of this fast-growing deciduous shrub to last throughout summer into fall. Butterfly bushes perform best in well-drained soil and grow vigorously in full sun. This butterfly bush is almost no-care and requires little watering and no pruning.

What you need to know:  Botanical Name?  Buddleia  Where will it grow?  ❤❤  Sugar Land area


Hello, Butterflies!! Hi, Mr. Hummingbird :).

Perennial? Yes! Keeps on bloomin 🙌  Sun or part sun? Bring on the heat 😊 Water requirement? very little 👍 Care? forget about it  🙌

AttractsHummingbirds & butterflies 😍 Where to buy? Try your local big box store or local garden center or here:

Bring butterflies and hummingbirds right to your Sugar Land back door!  You’re welcome 🙂 

XOXO, 💕💕  Sabrina wife of Garden Guy

Kiss Kiss!

Hey baby! Kiss me. I love my yard  ❤ you